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Ever been stuck with an outdated version of software and suffered a security breach or another problem as a result?A solution to staying up-to-date with your software is having an effective patch management plan in place.

Patch management is a business computer maintenance process implemented as an IT managed solution which administers, updates and upgrades software and technology, and ensures that all updates and upgrades are handled effectively with minimum disruption.

Patch management

How Does Patch Management Work?

Software patching is the process of applying available security and feature updates to operating systems and applications like browsers, plugins, desktop apps and other programs. These patches are designed to fix or enhance the functionality of the software you’re using.

Software patching is vital for ensuring the security of your business.

At Mesa IT, we deliver a patch management plan which allows us to apply multiple patches across software programs over a global IP network. We can also analyse your existing programs and assess your current software for any potential lack of security features. We can generate a report which shows where you need more information, and ensure that your business is always functioning at an optimal level.

Computer patch upgrade.

Why You Need Patch Management

Patch management allows you to stay up-to-date with security updates and ensures that your network is never vulnerable.

  • Compliance – No matter what your business excels at, a good patch management system as part of your managed IT service will ensure that your security is never compromised, and that you are always compliant.
  • Reporting – At Mesa IT, we provide comprehensive reporting which means that you’re always going to know what your security status is and what needs updating (or will need updating in the future).
  • Support – If your network is too far behind on updates, you might suffer the consequence of not being able to operate. We can ensure that this never happens.
  • Third party application patching – While it might seem like a struggle to keep up-to-date with security updates in your third party apps, we can make short work of it at Mesa IT. We can handle third party apps just as simply as we do operating systems.
  • Vulnerability scanning – Staying on top of security updates is one of the biggest concerns for businesses. Our patch management and business computer maintenance plan allows us to test patches and push updates quickly, as they’re needed.

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